Monday, February 16, 2015

They're here!

The Vinnie x Libby puppies have arrived! Libby was nesting off and on through the night of December 12th and finally got down to business on the morning of the 13th...yes, Friday the 13th. This litter will have a "Lucky" theme, thank you to my friend Janice for that great suggestion!
The whelping went very smoothly with Libby having the first 8 every half hour or so, and then she went a full five hours before she had the last two. Sadly the last little boy didn't make it but we have five handsome boys and four beautiful girls as our final count. To say I'm thrilled would be an understatement. 

Look at all that pretty patching.... 

I think I probably say this with every litter but....I'm in love. :)

We do have two boys available from this litter. If you are interested in possibly providing a home for one of these lovely babies please email me for more information. 

Lots of pictures to follow in the days to come.

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