Friday, February 6, 2015

Braebrook 1000km Challenge January Summary

First off I have to proud of everyone, you are all logging some really great mileage (more than me!!), and I love hearing you say that the Challenge motivates you to get out of the house and move. That is exactly what I was hoping it would do.
The Challenge Facebook group has been fantastic with everyone sharing pictures and updates so if you haven't already joined it be sure to do that, and share all your photos too.

I have included a few of the pictures here, not all of them or this post would be really long, but I'll definitely rotate different dogs and photos each month.

Here is Owen (Braebrook's The Man in Black CGN) posing in the gorgeous sunshine we had last week (now seems like a distant memory with the current rain situation). Owen and owner Laura logged 125.82km in January, the highest total for the month! Actually the highest total was extremely close with Errol and Toni putting in mileage of 125.5km with Khaleesi (Braebrook's Love Me Do).

They barely managed to squeak by Denise who was also very close with 123.12km. Denise is pictured here with Savvy on the left (Braebrook's Cabernet Sauvignon) and Angel on the right.

Again following closely were Jen and Mocha (Braebrook's Mocha Mission) with 108km, and Melissa and Amadeus (Ch Braebrook's Hugo Boss Holmrun CGN) with 105km.

Melanie and Aussie (Braebrook's Revolution - pictured below) put in a cool 89km with a late start to the month. Meghan and Thakoon (Braebrook's Thakoon Holmrun) logged 66.7km, Joyce and Porter (Braebrook's Vintage Port) logged 60.4km in spite of Joyce being in Mexico for two weeks (lucky!).

Our two Albertans in the group were dealing with some very cold temperatures but still managed to get out there and log some good mileage.

Here's Rush (Ch Braebrook's Black Russian) who with owner Sharon put in 21.08km.

And Carrie (Braebrook's Devil May Care) with Marlene who together logged 48.91km. Awesome job you four!

 I put in 22km so you guys are really showing me Pictured below are Marshall with Sebastian and Ella with Lexi (Holmrun's Glitterbug Bruda CD CGN). Sebastian is 10 and Lexi is almost 10 so they make great walking companions for the kids, neither pull too hard.

A few people didn't log in at the end of the month so I'm unable to include their mileage here but hopefully I'll be able to report it for February. Keep up the great work everyone, you're inspiring!


  1. Wow! Khaleesi was so inspired by the competition that she whipped off her "Heat Panties", donned her raincoat and zipped out in the rain to put on another 4 Kms. Her faithful retainer(s) Toni/Errol

    1. guys are a riot. Keep up the good work!