Thursday, August 21, 2014

Brody x Phoebe 10 and half weeks

I can't believe the puppies start to go to their new homes next week. It will be much quieter around here but I will miss them, they've been a charming bunch. 
I decided to go with a Beatles theme for this litter and the names have been really fun, everyone was happy to name their puppy after their favourite Beatles tune.
I started the stacked photos outside and finished them inside...right around the time one of the lights in my dog room burnt out and we then had to move into my husband's garage for good lighting. The red collar puppy has a distracting background but we then found some wood to cover it up. I think it's most likely you're focusing on the puppies anyway but I like things to look clean and not take away from them.
Heads are pretty hard to judge from the side in these pics, because as soon as I push their cups forwards they get wrinkly little faces. They are pretty though as you've seen in previous posts.

Here they are at 10 and a half weeks:

Braebrook's We All Shine On "Lennon" formally black collar - staying at Braebrook

Braebrook's Love Me Do "Khaleesi"  formally yellow collar - going to a performance home with Errol and Toni.

Braebrook's From Me To You "Dante" formally blue collar - going to live with Ryan and Jennifer.

Braebrook's Revolution "Ryan" formally red collar - staying at Braebrook

Braebrook's In My Life "Rhea" formally pink collar - going to a show home with Robert and Laurie

Braebrook's Eight Days a Week "Friday" formally white collar - staying at Braebrook

Braebrook's Here Comes the Sun "Lyric" formally green collar - has gone to a performance home with CJ.

Thank you everyone for choosing a Braebrook puppy! 


  1. Nice litter Mariah...CJ and Lyric are one very happy couple LOLOL When you get a chance email me and let me know where you ended up getting the crops done.

  2. WOW! WOW! WOW! Tuesday is coming on but not fast enough Mariah. Toni was wondering how long the oversize socks stay on - we got the foam, tape and popsickle sticks but no socks! We thought you were only keeping 2, is the 3rd one ours in a few months?:). See you very soon.

    1. No socks by the time you get them Errol, it's just to go over the cups on their heads while they heal. See you on Tuesday!

  3. They're beautiful, Mariah... I can see why you're keeping three!

    1. I'm thrilled with this litter Marlene! :)