Monday, August 4, 2014

Brody and Phoebe puppies at eight weeks

Here we are.....two months after they were born...cropping is booked for next week, I can't believe how quickly that time passed. Puppies of course are a full time job, but it's one I love very much, and minus the constant poop scooping duty getting down to the time when they leave to their new homes is tough. They have these amazing individual personalities and waking up to those little faces every morning is such a treat. Having said that I also know how much joy they bring to their new families, and just how wonderful those new families are...very deserving of having a member of this amazing breed. Thank you for choosing me as your breeder, and don't ever feel like some question is too trivial or that I wouldn't enjoy every photo and update you think to send my way. I love and welcome them all.

Here are the little nippers at eight weeks:

Green collar

White collar

Black collar

Pink collar

Yellow collar

Red collar

Blue collar