Saturday, February 22, 2014

Some picture updates

As you all know I LOVE seeing pictures of the Braebrook pups and I love sharing them here for all to enjoy. Here's the newest crop!

This is Mocha (Braebrook's Mocha Mission) with "her" new baby Brooks. I just love this picture…so sweet.

Here's Rush (Ch Braebrook's Black Russian) with buddy Kaleb, and the toy he apparently thinks is his baby…carries it everywhere…too funny.

Here's Rueben (Braebrook's The Devil at Supernova) caught mid cookie chomp.

And this pic just makes me laugh… that comfortable Maverick (Braebrook's Daredevil)??

Here's Amadeus (Ch Braebrook's Hugo Boss Holmrun CGN), I can hardly believe this litter is nearly six years old already.

Amadeus has a new baby too…this is Viktor.

Love this picture of Phoenix (Braebrook's Viognier) and her buddy Quinn.

And here's Bristol (Braebrook's Bristol Cream)….are you sensing a theme here? Dobermans love their people and make wonderful family dogs. 

Here's Bristol with her owner Caitlin, she just recently passed her CGN!

Here's Kat (Ch Braebrook's Pinot Noir) with her little buddy Sid.

Here's a photo from last summer, but I don't think I have included it before. This is Jinx (rescue) Soter (Braebrook's Going to Jackson…he's getting so handsome) and Coco (Ch Braebrook's Coco Chanel Holmrun). Didn't you know Dobermans are like Lay's potato chips….you can't have just one. ;)

And here's a picture of new arrival to Braebrook and Wind River Dobermans….Harrison, getting used to the winter weather. For more about Harrison click here.

And speaking of winter weather….here's Lottie (Braebrook's Merlot) enjoying some of her own.

Thank you so much everyone for the photos! I love getting them both via email and on Facebook…so keep sending/posting! :)

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