Monday, February 10, 2014

Exciting news!!

I am extremely pleased to share some exciting news here at Braebrook. My friend Michelle Rowton of Wind River Dobermans and I had been talking about finding a nice male to co own together. We decided that whatever boy we found would live with her as she had just lost her old male and was really missing him. I went to work searching for a male that would fit the criteria we were looking for and when I came across this gem from Backbone Kennels I shared it with Michelle immediately. 

She loved him and plans were set in motion to import him all the way from his hometown in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was a long flight with a very long layover in Houston but he finally arrived in Portland Oregon just after 9pm on Feb 7th.

He settled in quickly after his flight…full of vim and vigor and on a completely different time zone which meant a long night for Michelle as puppy wasn't tired!

He is quickly adapting to both the time change and the fact that he left his tropical home to arrive in a snowstorm (which poor Michelle had to drive in!) and is worming his way into Michelle's heart.

Puppy's official name is Backbone Harrison Ford, call name Harrison.

He is sired by BISS/BIS Multi Ch Rock de Akido San

And out of BPISS Backbone Dolce Gabana

 This is his pedigree (all pictures can be clicked on for a larger view):

I am thrilled with this new addition and also thrilled to be partnering up with Michelle.

There are many more good things in store for 2014 so stay tuned!

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