Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Happy 8th Birthday London!

Nothing really solidifies the passage of time like having children and dogs. Children grow up so fast leaving you wondering where the time went and dogs…well, you swear yesterday they were just a puppy and today they look at you with those sweet grey muzzles and eyebrows and you realize they are growing older right under your nose.

London as a puppy was as different from Lexi as night and day. She was wildly happy all the time with a tail that never quite wagging, and a tongue that never quit licking. Lexi was much more reserved, quietly loyal with a strong sense of right and wrong. With London everything was a party. Somehow these two were the perfect counterpoint for each other. Lexi used to worry about riding in the vehicle and would get sick if the trip lasted more than five minutes, having London along was exactly what she needed and she stopped the drooling almost immediately. Lexi taught London that you must come immediately when you're called, and showed her through good behavior how to be a well behaved dog. Together they are the perfect team.
London is a group placing champion and has her CGN. She also has one leg towards her CD and who knows..maybe one day we'll get the other two. She is the dam of five champions as well as many more much loved companions.

So today, Happy 8th Birthday to you my London Bridges….here's to many more birthdays to come!