Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Join Me?

I recently found out through a Facebook friend that the Dalmatian Club of America has a Distance Log Program. The Dalmatian is well known as a coach dog and as such needs to have incredible endurance. In order to encourage DCA members to get out and put some mileage under those paws they created the Distance Log Program. There are different levels but Platinum is 1000 miles a year. I think this is such a great program, not only are they proving the endurance of the Dals but both dogs and humans are getting much needed exercise, and they are spending quality time with each other. It always helps to have a goal to work towards too, I know that if I had a mileage goal it would definitely get me out the door more often.

So I was thinking...why don't we do it? Come on Braebrook crew! It wouldn't be quite as formal as the DCA program but it would be lots of fun to be doing something collectively as a group with our dogs. All you need is something to record your mileage with (a GPS - my Garmin works great, or if you walk the same area quite often you can always drive it and see how far it is, or something like a Fitbit - I have the Flex and love it). Then just remember to record your mileage into a notebook and you're good to go. It's easy to set up and both you and your dog will benefit immensely.

I was thinking as a little motivation that there should be some kind of prize at the end (you know, above and beyond all that quality time and exercise) and I was thinking that a Braebrook Calendar might be fun. It's something I've been wanting to do (please keep sending those pictures...you could end up in it!) and to all those who hit 1000 km by the end of 2015 I'll send you a calendar on the house!

If you want to join me be sure to email me at braebrookdobes@yahoo.ca and let me know, and be sure to take pictures of you and your dog while you're out and about. I'll do a summary blog post at the end of each month and would love to include pictures of everyone.

Happy trails!

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