Saturday, January 10, 2015

Brody x Phoebe picture update

The Brody x Phoebe puppies turned seven months old on the eighth of January, time is just flying along.

This is Braebrook's Eight Days A Week "Friday". I love her bone and substance, something I bred to Brody specifically to get so I'm thrilled to see it in her. Friday has great focus, she's into everything but is very trainable, she wants to figure out what it is you're asking of her which I love.

This is Braebrook's We All Shine On "Lennon". Again, he has good substance for a seven month old puppy, a pretty neck into shoulder transition, smooth top line and a sweet wanting to please attitude. 

This is Braebrook's Revolution "Aussie" who came to stay at Braebrook for a bit. It's nice when they do that as it gives me a chance to get an updated stacked picture and to see what they are like to live with as they get older. While she doesn't have the same substance as the other two she is beautifully smooth and a very balanced mover.

Here are a couple of pictures of Friday and Lennon out for a run on the local mountain trails. Must keep the young pups tired and in shape!


  1. Beautiful - Khaleesi doesn't look out of place in those pictures😋. Toni/Errol/Khaleesi