Monday, June 16, 2014

Havana at five weeks

I can't believe this little nipper is five weeks old already. Time is just flying that a sign of age?

I'm very pleased with how she's coming together, she's looking very good for a five week old puppy and with any luck she'll continue down that road. If you're only going to have one make sure it's a good one!

And of course being a singleton she's not spoiled at all......


  1. Nope, not spoiled at all ... She is certainly looking good Mariah !!!

  2. Nice puppy, Mariah! It's hard to believe she's five weeks old already.

  3. Mariah - A beautiful girl, does she get to watch Orange Is The New Black with you? Toni/Errol

    1. I haven't started that series yet...I'm addicted to The Killing at the moment so that's what she gets to watch. ;)