Sunday, June 29, 2014

Brody x Phoebe puppies: Three weeks

Growing, growing, growing..... 
They are a loud bunch, spending lots of time wrestling and playing. Phoebe is quite happy to have a little me time away from them now (not too long however) as they are voracious nursers. I keep those little nails as short as I can to make things easier on her.

Here is yellow collar female:

Blue collar male:

White collar female (giving Chris the hairy eyeball):

Black collar male:

Green collar female:

Pink collar female:

Red collar female:

Good Momma Phoebe:

First meals will be coming soon and then the real work begins. ;)


  1. Mariah - they are so perfect; the beach is supposed to be relaxing and it is but our anticipation keeps us on the edge! Please keep the pictures coming. We will be back in Victoria on the 14th and are hopeful that we can come see them at your convenience. What are "first meals" and why does the "real work begin"? Also, at 4 months what dry food should she/he be eating (so we can ensure we get it here at the beach)? Take care, Toni/Errol

    1. Hi Toni and Errol,
      Yes, that would be a great time to visit. First meals are when they transition from nursing full time to eating food and then momma stops cleaning up after them and it's all up to me. We can chat about food when you come for a visit. :)