Monday, March 3, 2014

Victoria City Kennel Club show

 We had a very successful weekend at the VCKC show this past weekend. Thursday night as I was grooming Hadley and getting her ready for the show I realized that I hadn't been to a dog show since August…I know, I was surprised too! Not quite sure how that happened but it was really nice to be back.

Chris came along to watch Ella and I in our rings on Saturday and snapped a few pictures. Love this one he got of the kids and I, and of course Sebastian, Ella's lovely Smooth Fox Terrier juniors dog. 

Sebastian is ten years old now, has a show record as long as your arm with many best in shows in both Canada and the US and has been a juniors dog for many very lucky children thanks to his excellent show attitude and temperament and his generous owner Heidi Gervais. Here are a few pictures of he and Ella doing their thing…

Maintaining serious cool during a lead malfunction.

Ella was very nervous but handled things well and I was very proud of her.

I showed Esquire's Haiku "Hadley", a recent addition to Braebrook (December), and a bitch who has never been shown. I was very happy with how she handled the show and all the noise that goes along with that. 
Dog shows are wonderful places to really see a dogs temperament and a great way to get them used to pretty much anything. Dog shows (especially indoor ones) are tightly packed with people that both dogs and humans need to weave in and out of, there is noise of all kinds…barking dogs, loudly talking people, clattering crates…and if your dog can't take the pressure then they don't show well, if they don't show well it's pretty hard to finish their championship and most breedings dogs should have their championships (there are a few extreme circumstances such as injuries etc..). Dog shows are not all fluff, dogs must have stable temperaments as well as good structure to do well, both things that are very important in a breeding program. I digress…back to Hadley. ;)
Hadley picked up six points towards her championship ( 10 points are needed in total with at least one win of 2 points or more at a time - Hadley had a 2, 3 and 1 point win), so in just one weekend she is more than halfway there, a very nice start.

I really did enjoy being back at the shows again after such a long absence. It was so nice to catch up with friends and other breeders, see the current dogs being specialed and campaigned as well as the new up and comers…and just be surrounded by what I really love…dogs. :)
If you happen to be at a show where I am please be sure to say hi. Next up for me is the BC Regional Specialty and the DPCC National Specialty in Chilliwack in April. I'm really looking forward to that one, National Specialty means large entries of Dobermans and lots of breeders getting together, and it's always nice to see what others are doing in their breeding programs.

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