Sunday, March 9, 2014

Breeding Announcement

Braebrook is thrilled to announce a breeding between

It was a group effort of friends to get the semen here in time but the stars aligned and "Trotyl" arrived at just the right moment, was buckled into the van with his lady love and went off to the Mill Bay Vet Clinic for implant. 

The surgery was quick and Enya was back home within a couple of hours, looking a little groggy but none the worse for wear.

I'm sure all the blankets and gentle child love helped. Who wouldn't feel better with that smile. ;)

And old Lexi stayed close by for comfort too.

By the next morning she was gobbling down her breakfast and I was having to hold her back from running around too much.

I'm so thankful to have a good repro vet who stayed late to make sure this breeding happened, as well as good breeder friends who worked together to make sure the semen got here too. What a great group of ladies!

 Now we wait…..fingers crossed (toes too please!) for puppies at the beginning of May!

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