Monday, July 30, 2012

Pictures of two of the "kids" from the last litter

I can hardly believe the Remy x Safi kids are already six months old. Where did the time go?
Braebrook's Mocha Mission known as Mocha is currently boarding with us while her owners are enjoying the Olympics in London (lucky them!). She has fit right in here and quickly made herself one of the pack. She has been a dream boarding dog, quiet overall and a good eater. We'll miss her when she goes and so will the dogs. :)

 This is Miss Mocha Bean :

Braebrook's Mission Impossible known as Tommy spent the day with us last week while his owners did business in the area and it was great to see him. It's funny but when the babies go off to their new homes at about 3 months or so that is kind of how they remain in your head, so that when you see them you are always surprised at how much they have grown.

This is the handsome Tommy:

I'm happy with how these two puppies are coming along, both have great toplines, rears, feet, happy and outgoing temperaments and both are nice moving puppies. For the most part they are clean, sound and big moving, which is quite amazing in six month old babies. I expect them to just get better with age.

Their owners are doing a lovely job with them, and both the puppies and I are so grateful for that.

On a quick side note I am happy to report that Ch Braebrook's Remy Martin picked up two best of breed wins as well as a fourth in the working group this weekend at the Pacific Kennel Club dog show.

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