Sunday, September 25, 2011

Rain rain go away.....

It's absolutely pouring rain outside today. The morning started out looking like it could go either way, but the dark clouds won out and the skies have just opened up. The puppies of course are very unhappy about this and loudly voicing their protest. They want to be outside and playing! When the yipping got to be a bit too much to handle I decided to grab my umbrella and take them outside anyway. They ran around and played, took care of some business and pretty soon decided that actually they might want to be back inside. They are now happily back in their ex pens munching on great big dog cookies and warming back up. All is right at Braebrook again. ;)
The puppies were cropped a few days ago and came through this minor surgery with flying colours, and in fact their ears are healing faster than any other litter I have had. Their ears are kept upright by being taped to a cup on their heads, and to protect the ears from over zealous playmates they wear little sock hats overtop of the cups. They look unbelievably cute like this and it's really quite amazing how they run around completely forgetting about the cups.
The puppies are looking better and better everyday, and there is no doubt in my mind that every puppy could finish their championships with ease. I work very hard planning each litter and to see them come to such successful fruition makes me very proud indeed. My hard work is paying off! :)
Dog improvements to the new house continue and make the daily chores smoother with every change. There are now two wire fenced dog yards, with a third huge wood fenced yard close to being finished. A new door directly into the first wire yard makes it much easier to put dogs out for their morning constitutional, and lighting directly into the yards makes the last visit of the night much easier than trying to wrestle with a flashlight. I couldn't be more happy with our move to this new property and look forward to many more generations of Braebrook dogs being born here.
I do believe the rain might be letting up just a little. I wonder if I can get some new stacked photos of the puppies before it starts again.......

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