Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hurry up and wait!

After a very busy few weeks I am happy to report that both Safi and Coco have been bred. If everything goes according to plan than puppies will be due at the end of July.
I decided to go with the new ICSB(International Canine Semen Bank) veterinary clinic in Courtenay for Safi's breeding: I honestly can't say enough good things about this clinic. Monica, who is the go to girl for all things semen was outstanding. This was the first time I have imported semen from the USA and the first time I had done a surgical implant when breeding one of my bitches. Needless to say I had a lot of questions! Monica was there to answer every one, and responded to my many e-mails and phone calls with lightning speed. The clinic was absolutely beautiful, and the front end staff were very friendly. I have never had such a good veterinary experience.
After many progesterone tests to pin point ovulation, and only one small hiccup in getting the semen(fedex missed getting the semen on the flight over to the Island, but we hired a private courier to get the job done) the implant was performed successfully(I hope!) by Dr Renooy. Safi recovered quickly from the procedure and while not yet allowed to run in the yard with the other dogs she is ready to take on the world again.
Coco was bred to BISS Ch Holmrun's Play for Keeps "Mick", a lovely dog who I saw win the BC Specialty this past April. I had seen him one weekend previously as a very young puppy, and even then it was obvious that this dogs forte was his outstanding movement. He never puts a foot wrong, beautifully balanced, nothing sloppy, and he holds his topline like a rock. These are qualities that are very hard to find in many dogs these days so I'm very excited to be able to use him on Coco.
Looking forward to getting Bravo back into the showring to finish his championship. While out running he managed to put a big gash in his side, and so had to miss the Victoria dog show this past weekend. I am hoping he will be ok for the Black Creek show but time will tell. He is finding it very hard to stay quiet and really misses his outdoor runs but for the time being that is how it has to be.
I hope to be reporting some puppy news soon. I'll keep you posted! :)

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