Sunday, August 29, 2010

Saying good-bye is never easy....

I just arrived back home from a memorial service for my friend Garry Holmes, husband of my very good friend and mentor Cherie Holmes, both of Holmrun Dobermans. They have had a great influence on my breeding program and provided me with three very beautiful bitches over the years. Starting with Lexi who was my introduction to the breed, but didn't turn out to the be the show/breeding dog that I had hoped. Instead she has been my good companion and obedience dog. London followed Lexi just a year later and was the most fun dog to show and has proven herself to be a great producer with three champions from her first litter and three others pointed. Finally, Safi who had come to stay with us here at Braebrook while Garry was sick but then just never left. I know that her contribution to the Braebrook breeding program will be a great one.
The service was both sad and happy, many good memories were shared with lots of laughs and of course lots of tears were shed too.
Garry was a very kind, gentle and all around nice guy. I am glad that I could call him a friend. He will be missed by many......

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