Sunday, August 1, 2010

Freddy and Coco puppies

I took Coco in for an x-ray yesterday to see how many puppies she was carrying. I had a feeling it wasn't too many as she wasn't very big. Turns out I was right, only three. They all looked to be a good size though, and only four more days until I get to actually see them. :) Exciting stuff!
Coco has tons of energy and with such a small litter she is still very mobile. Her "playmate" outside is Lexi right now. Lexi is a very calm, stoic lady and won't try to entice Coco into wrestling which Coco would be only too happy to do, belly and all! The two of them just walk around and lay in the sun which is exactly what Coco needs to be doing during her last week of pregnancy.
Keep checking back for updates on puppies. Not long now! :)

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