Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Running dogs...

I try to get the dogs out everyday for a good heart pounding run. This keeps them fit and strong physically, does great things for them mentally, and lets face it...makes them a joy to have at home. A tired dog is the best kind of dog. :)
I am lucky that where I live I have several options for off lead romps. I usually change it up every day which is nice for me(new scenery) and the dogs(new smells). I love to get out everyday for this run. Even if I don't really feel like going I know that the dogs are waiting and once I am out there I can't believe I even considered not going! The exercise makes me feel great, the quiet time by myself is a nice treat, and the pure joy of the dogs running puts a big grin on my face. So next time you think to yourself that you might like to stay sitting on the couch, take a look into your dogs eyes and that will be all the motivation you need. It's worth it!
There are exciting things happening at Braebrook. Coco arrives this weekend for her maternity stay. She is due on Aug 5th, so the countdown is on now with just over two weeks to go. Keep an eye out here for future posts as well as the website for photos of the new arrivals.

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