Saturday, July 17, 2010

The crop/dock/dewclaw fight

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge supporter of the right to crop, dock and remove dewclaws. Not only do these procedures contribute to the beautiful look of many of our beloved breeds(174 different breeds registered in Canada are docked and/or cropped), but there are many health reasons for it too. I urge you to check out the K9 Alliance website for more information: .
There have been some recent posts on various dog e-mail lists that I am on that there may be a c/d/dc ban coming into affect in BC in the very near future. Some say as early as the fall of this year! Please do what you can to make your voice heard, e-mail or call your c/d/dc friendly vet and let them know that you support them and how important it is to keep the choice to perform these procedures. E-mail or call the BC Vet Medical Association and the Canadian Kennel Club to let them know your thoughts. We can make a difference. If we just stand back and think others will do the job for us it will be too late and we will lose the ability to c/d and remove dc forever. If that is the case be prepared to say good bye to many of your favourite breeds. In the case of the Doberman, countries that have lost the right for these procedures have seen registration go down so far(as much as 80-90%!!) that the breeds may never recover.
Now is the time, so PLEASE make your voice heard!

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