Friday, May 20, 2016

Up and Coming

I was finally able to set aside a little time to take a few photos of the Braebrook youngsters. It's been very busy here with puppies as well as family extra curricular activities but I finally just gave Ella my phone and had her snap some quick pictures. I'm excited about what's coming up.

This is Pearl (Braebrook's World Is My Oyster) from our Spartan x Kyra breeding. She is just five months old but she is looking so good, that front end assembly is to die for and so darn hard to get! Her shoulders are as smooth as silk and she has a lovely length of upper arm. Add to that a beautiful long neck, perfect top line, great bone....should I go on or are you pretty clear on how excited I am about her? 

Hardy (Braebrook's Hard Luck) from our Vinnie x Libby breeding is now 15 months and looking quite mature. She has only been shown one weekend and is pointed as well as being a best puppy in group winner. The weekend was really more of a training weekend as she hadn't spent much time doing the show thing but she managed some nice wins anyway.

Dusty (Braebrook's Verakai) from our Harrison x Pelly breeding is also 15 months old and getting ready to make her showring debut. This girl makes me laugh all the time, she is high on life and always ready to party. Excuse my bare feet, I was kicking my flip flops off to give her something to look at. ;)

I haven't taken a new picture of Bling yet but it's on my list, she'll be in an upcoming post along with some other Smooth news so stay tuned for that.

Happy Friday of a long weekend, I'm looking forward to this one! 

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