Monday, April 27, 2015

Harrison x Pelly Puppies Nine Weeks

I'm really really pleased with this litter, they are slowly but surely coming into their own and look better and better as each day passes. I'm thrilled to get such lovely puppies from this first time breeding for both parents. It looks as though our Argentina import Harrison is going to cross well on our Freddy (Ch Holmrun's Fred Astaire) bloodlines, as Pelly is a Freddy daughter.

Here are the puppies stacked up at nine weeks of age:

Black boy - staying at Braebrook for now.

Black collar red boy - going to a show/performance home.

 Black female #2 - staying at Braebrook for now.

Red boy - going to a wonderful pet home.

Black female #1 - going to a wonderful pet home.

As always, thank you so much to the Braebrook puppy people who provide such wonderful loving homes for our babies, you are part of the Braebrook family!


  1. Mariah - they are beautiful pups, looking forward to seeing them next week. When you say "staying at Braebrook for now" - does that mean you are still looking for homes or that you are evaluating for potential? Errol

    1. That means I am evaluating and running them on. Depending on how they continue to grow up and mature they may either continue to stay or become available.