Friday, November 23, 2012

Two week pupdate!

The Freddy x Phoebe puppies (more info on the sire and dam here: litters) are two weeks old today and everyone is doing just great. Eyes were all open by eight days and they are gaining lots of weight every day.

When I change the bedding in the whelping box I put the puppies in this pink tote while I work. I don't think they'll be fitting in there much longer (and yes red collar got a new piece of string - momma Phoebe likes to lick them of course which tends to fray the string collars).

Here is a little head shot of each puppy:

Red - female

Yellow - female

Green - female

No collar - male

Pink - female

Purple - female

No collar - female

Blue - female

And a group shot of everyone in the box under their heat lamp. They don't do much more than sleep and eat at this point, exactly what newborns need to do to grow big and strong.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Ahhh! I feel the need for a cuddle sesh with the wolf pup pack! Hopefully Phoebe won't mind... too much... ; )

    1. You betcha Kathleen, you will love them. :)

  2. Nice Pictures Mariah. I pray every night that the little boy will have some unforgiveable flaw according to perfect breed standard - so that I can have him;;;))))
    So glad that they are all healthy and gaining weight. Would I be able to come see them anytime?
    By the way, love the nail polish in the pics.

    1. Glad you like them! They are coming along well and will be ready for a visit or two when they are about five or six weeks of age.
      Thank you for the cudos on the polish, it was looking a little worse for wear by this point having just finished bathing some dogs. ;) It's Nicole by OPI Di-Vine is Divine.

    2. OMG, I wish I could have another one, they are beautiful, as usuall. Rylie is great, and doing well, she is living the life of Rylie and everyone who meets her just loves her. Hope you r getting some rest, and have a great christmas. Warm regards to you and your family.

      Shelley, John, and Rylie

    3. Hi Shelley,
      Thrilled to hear Rylie is doing so well, if you are ever in the area please stop by for a visit. :)
      Merry Christmas to you too!